Photography Wouter Kooken

Desirée Wevers (1985) Graduated in June 2014 Cum Laude at Design Academy Eindhoven.



Desirée is part of the design collaboration, BLANCCOLLECTIVE

During this year's Dutch Design Week BlancCollective debuted as a collective with their exhibition "Concepts of beauty".










" For me as a designer it is not only about creating a beautiful world by making objects, but I would like to focus on the social part of it. Making others aware and teach them about the hidden beauty and qualities in our surroundings ".






More often it is the pleasure and the memory that an object provides us with, not the object itself, that evokes a feeling of pleasant awareness.

Every form transforms itself according to the images it stirs up in us in how we want to touch and approach it and what function we give to the object.

The running thread through this study is that one attracts what one gives of oneself to an object. One reacts intuitively to the form and production process.

Working with ceramics implies that the shape transforms continuously according to how it is approached.


Studio Desiree Wevers


Zeelsterstraat 221